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We Build Solid Foundations For Our Customers and Our Employees

Hamill Concrete was established in 2017 with a focus on company culture and exceptional engineering. After many years in the construction industry, founders Shaun Johnson and Tim Hamill saw an opportunity in the poured wall business and wanted to create a foundation company that was as dedicated to its employees as it was to its customers. They knew from experience that when employees feel appreciated, they care about the work they do.

Residential poured wall foundations are the only thing we do at Hamill Concrete, and we believe the foundations we install are the bedrock to a quality home. Along with our core values, our crew is guided by our leaders’ expertise. Shaun is the owner of J&W Asphalt—an asphalt paving company that was founded by his father in 1976. Shaun worked summers for J&W since he was 13 years old, and took the reins in 2010 when his father retired. His leadership and experience in all aspects of the building industry have helped the company grow into the largest residential paving contractor in the Twin Cities, and he’s driven to bring Hamill Concrete to equal success in the poured walls trade.

Tim earned his degree in Construction Management with an emphasis in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin-Stout, where he was a three-season collegiate athlete, earning NCAA All American Honors. He has experience working on poured wall foundations since 2000, and spent 14 years as the foreman of a poured wall crew. Tim and his wife, Kate, live in Deephaven with their three children.

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Hamill Concrete is located in Belle Plaine, Minnesota. We are a member of the Builders Association of the Twin Cities, and work for custom, local, and national home builders in the seven-county metro area. For more information about our services or to apply for a job, please contact us at 952-894-9078 or send us an email.

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